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We're at, or you can Email us at We can also be reached by phone at 601-660-0412 or 601-660-6375. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

Link Directly to Your Website graphic ads link directly to your business website so visitors get the information they want immediately.  Lots of other sites put your site 2 or 3 clicks away.  We think that's a waste of a potential customer's time, and totally unneccessary.

Mobile Optimization Site Ads

We are building our mobile web app for! Soon users will be able to see your B&B or Restaurant menu from their mobile phone. If you don't already have a mobile optimized website or app, your link will not be featured on the mobile version of Contact Jones Website Services, Inc. about getting your website optimized for mobile today.

Why Graphic Ads?

They obviously attract the eyes and make it easier for website visitors to choose you.  Visitors click those graphic ads more than any other link on - and more often than links on our competition!

Size and Location - Your Choice

We offer three different types of ads, so you can choose based on location of the ad, or price based on your budget.  But remember, a home page ad will always have the advantage of more viewers - and more clicks!

Graphic ads on our Home page, and on Category pages such as Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions are seen by hundreds of visitors every day.  We put them in prominent positions so they are one of the first things a viewer sees on any page.

Home Page Ad

These ads attract attention like a magnet as they slide from ad to ad. Numeric controls allow visitors to return to the ad of their choice.

home page business ad

Home page ads are $750/year and include a category page ad for your business as a bonus.

Category Page Ad

category page ads

Categories include:

Category page ads are $450/year, and will always appear above all text ads.

Text Link

text links to your website

Text links include your business name or website in bold and a short description of your business. The bold name is linked directly to your website.

Text Links are $200/year, but they're free if we host your website.